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Testimonials for the Best Remodeler in Kansas City

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"In order to share my thoughts regarding Steve Hodes, it is important to understand
the nature and length of our relationship.
I first met Steve in the early 70's. At the time, he was a good friend to my business
partner, and I immediately liked Steve, who seemed to be a good and affable
person. Through the years, I would call upon Steve for home maintenance issues,
and by the early 80's, when my wife and I purchased a new home, we turned to
Steve for a significant remodel project. As time progressed, we could always
count on Steve to take care of any significant home projects (decks, roofs, etc.) and
by the year 2000, my wife and I decided to move out of our home for a year in
order that the interior could literally be rebuilt. When it was completed, I love to
joke that the only original part of the old home was the doorbell button. Through the
years, we have been fortunate to become quite good friends with Steve and his
wife Susie.
I share all this background in order that my observations about Steve and his work
are seen in the context of a long relationship involving many issues. So, now my
Integrity: This day and age it is increasingly uncommon to meet a person who can be
said to have impeccable integrity, but I would apply that label to Steve and his
work. He always tries to do what is in the best interest of his client and not once
has given me bad or biased advice; indeed a rare commodity today.
Reliable: whenever you are involved in a remodel project, there can be an almost
overwhelming list of subprojects all needing to occur in just the right order.
Somehow Steve manages to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.
Whenever we have expressed a concern, or asked for something to be done - not
once, and I mean not once, has Steve ever forgotten our request or dropped the
Creative: heaven knows my wife and I are no decorating wizards, so for our major
projects we worked with an interior decorator along with Steve. That relationship
can sometimes produce sparks, but Steve always managed to keep everything in an
even keel, and on more than one occasion, his input was absolutely essential to the
successful completion of the project.
Connected: A "builder" is not the person who actually does the work. The
"builder" is like a fine conductor of an orchestra who locates good musicians and
then oversees the entire ensemble until completion. Steve seems to have an endless
stable of really good workers to call upon for just about any task. In fact, the
quality of his workers is at times absolutely amazing. Anyone can claim to be a
"builder" but a really good "builder" is well connected within the construction
community, and that describes Steve Hodes.
In closing, both myself and my wife can give Steve our highest recommendations."

James H. Stevens
Rev. Lisa Stevens
Overland Park, KS

"Steve was our contractor when we added a large addition to our home in 1992.  Since that time he has returned to our home as contractor for multiple remodeling projects.  Working with Steve is always a positive and pleasant experience.  We completely trust his integrity and judgement.  If a decision needs to be made, he will often present a few options of various prices.  In the end, we believe that Steve will provide us with the best quality for the best price.  This has been our consistent experience with him and, through all the projects on our house, we have been immensely pleased with Steve and his work.  The quality of his work in our home has withstood the test of time, we give him the highest possible recommendation."

Pam Logan - Leawood, Ks

"Steve Hodes comes with lots of experience. He is a Builder, a Contractor, a Supervisor and a Realtor. He added a 3 car garage on my house and made it look like it had been there forever. He also has given me assistance on helping my Buyers and Sellers to upgrade their houses and to explaining structural problems when needed. I highly recommend him."

Scottie Broderick - Leawood, Ks

Scottie Broderick
ReMax State Line

"I first became acquainted with Steve in the 1980's when he finished a basement for me.  His work was very impressive.  Since that time I have used his services on numerous home repairs and projects {including another basement finish}.  I have never been disappointed.  Steve and his subcontractors have always been of the highest quality and professionalism.  I have always felt comfortable with them in my home.  I would not hesitate to recommend Steve for any home project, and now that he is also selling real estate, I would think that all his contacts over the years would make him an ideal agent."

Steven Weaver

"When hiring a contractor or realtor it is important to be able to communicate your dreams, needs and your financial capabilities.  Steve Hodes built our home and has completed several remodel projects for us.  He has been my best friend in all these projects.  I could ask for anything and he would be honest and helpful in trying to achieve my dream.  Steve puts all his efforts into making things run smoothly and is on top of the many skilled people he uses on the project.  I would love to build another house with Steve but I think he almost built the one we live in now to be so flexible with our ever changing lifestyle that it might not happen."

Linda and Mike Neenan.

"Steve Hodes added a large sunroom and recreation room to our house and has also completely remodeled our master bathroom. Through both these projects Steve has been everything you could ask for in a remodeling contractor. He is scrupulously honest, pays close attention to details, follows up promptly, and stays on budget throughout the projects. Also the skilled tradesmen he employs are meticulous in their workmanship and they are a pleasure to have around the house while they are working. Steve has a great personality and is always pleasant to work with. I dont know what more anyone could ask for in a contractor."

Bill Chastain - Gladstone, Mo

"Steve is my brother and he built my house in 2000 but I knew he did excellent work and had a great reputation. I have had many compliments on my house when people come to visit and it is still holding up. The driveway is still smooth, and even my open space living dining kitchen is absolutely necessary when all my family visits. So I love my surroundings and will be there until I go out feet first."

Katherine Ismert - Kansas City, Mo

"For 30 years Steve Hodes has consistently done excellent remodeling jobs for me and also for my company. I know I can stop stressing, relax, and expect him to plan meticulously, anticipate and avoid problems, and quickly and competently handle anything that arises unexpectedly. What a relief!

Steve is absolutely honest and straightforward. He saved me money whenever possible but always used high-quality, dependable materials. Steve’s workers, like him also make you feel confident and comfortable. He hires only friendly, highly skilled professionals who are prompt, clean, honest, courteous, thorough, and dependable.

He remained warm, friendly, and understanding even in the face of my repeated obsessive questions and triple checking. His delightful sense of humor eased me through some exceptionally trying and arduous jobs. He is a great pleasure to work with. They just don’t come better than Steve Hodes."

Bernard J. Sullivan, Ph.D. - Kansas City, Mo

"Our project was to finish out a small basement area, but Steve treated it with all the importance of a major construction job.  Excellent time management skills, professional sub-contractors, quality workmanship, and high ethical and performance standards demonstrated by the entire team.  Without question, the best experience we have ever had with a general contractor.  Great job, Steve"

Ed and Priscilla Bowen

Leawood, KS



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